Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring in the Air

Hello, Evie here. How's tricks? I'm in a bit of a blue funk - those cads Doyle and Stent were having a go at me in the Mess. All I wanted was a quiet cup of tea after being stuck out on the ruddy night train from Whitchurch, but they wouldn't let me alone. I know I shouldn't let a couple of damn fools like them bother me, but they really got my dander up. They are exactly the sort of chaps who say that 'women should do war work more befitting their sex' ... and that 'flying operational aircraft is beyond a woman's capabilities'. We'll show them. For anyone in the Cambridge area, you might fancy popping along to the IWM Duxford, to see just how well women can fly on May 22nd. Doesn't Pauline look lovely on the posters? I tell you, you certainly need your sheepskin flying jacket and mittens when you are up in an open cockpit. Anyway, after the day I've had, I'm jolly glad someone is celebrating women in aviation ...

Evie x

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